Vaclav Klaus has signed the Lisbon treaty

It seems Vaclav Klaus has now signed the treaty. A sad day.

Our fight to support Vaclav Klaus is over. Now our fight to leave the EU begins.

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Media attention regarding the petition handover to Klaus office

Yesterday I met with representatives of Vaclav Klaus office in Prague.

I handed over the petition to Mr Jakl, Vaclav Klaus right hand man.

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Slovakian Prime Minister: “We want an opt-out too!”

The government of Slovak Republic has woken up! After the Czech President Klaus had opened the question of so-called “Beneš decrees”,  Rober Fico, the head of the Slovakian governmen reacted, he would demand the same opt-out, if Klaus was successful.

According to Czech Newspaper “Hospodářské Noviny” he said: “We have now only two options. Either we get the same warranties, or we will block the Czech opt-out.” President Klaus of Czech Republic previously announced, that he would no way sign the treaty without the warranties he demands.

After the World War II, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were established as a one united country, the Czechoslovakia. Although they separated 16 years ago, the “Beneš decrees” concern both the countries.

Jiří Cerman, Prague

The original article (by the Google Translator) read here.

Czech People: “He fights for us!”

According to the recent survey by agency “Median”, about 65% of Czech Citizens support their president in his resistance against the Lisbon Treaty.

The tactic of EU-elites tumbles down. They wanted to keep him isolated, alone and with no support, awaiting his resignation. However, this is obviously not going to happen, according to the huge amount of international support we all showed.

Mr. Klaus is being told to resign from his office, if he does not sign the treaty. Apparently, this is not the will of 74% of the Czech population.

Jiří Cerman, Prague

Read the article here (by Google Translator)

Major Czech newspaper mentions this campaign!

A Czech newspaper writes about this campaign in support of Vaclav Klaus:

The article is translated with Google Translate here:

Secretary of the Swedish right-wing Swedish Democrats Kent Ekeroth started a campaign to promote the Czech head of state. To this end, based on-line petition. “I když Irové v opakovaném referendu řekli smlouvě ano, stále existuje malá naděje, že by mohla být zastavena. Tou nadějí jste vy, Václav Klaus, český prezident,” píší Švédští demokraté. “Even though Irishmen in a repeated referendum said the contract so there is still little chance that it could be stopped. Tou hope you, Václav Klaus, Czech president,” writes Swedish Democrats. -Petition today has over twelve thousand signatures from all over Europe. At the same time was the foreign group that supports the Czech president on Facebook.

The original article, in Czech, can be found here.

“Czech President Vaclav Klaus ‘to continue’ lone resistance to Lisbon Treaty”

“Czech President Vaclav Klaus ‘to continue’ lone resistance to Lisbon Treaty”

President Klaus is the last obstacle to the completion of the treaty’s ratification and to the creation of a new EU President, foreign minister and European diplomatic service.

“I fear, and I am not the only person to fear, a deepening of EU integration,” he said during a visit to Moscow.

Mr Klaus, the EU’s only openly Eurosceptic head of state, has demanded new “opt-outs” from the Lisbon Treaty to prevent Germans expelled from the Czech Sudeten region after World War II from reclaiming their property.

“For me it is something of vital importance. In my opinion, the conditions that I have made for signing the agreement are serious,” he said.

The Czech Republic has been warned that it could lose its seat on the European Commission and face other unspecified “consequences” unless the country’s president abandons his solitary struggle against the EU.

“Czech President Vaclav Klaus dismisses Brussels warning over Lisbon treaty”

Czech President Vaclav Klaus dismisses Brussels warning over Lisbon treaty

A stern warning yesterday from Brussels that the Czechs could lose their place at Europe’s top table elicited only a shrug in Prague castle. Behind its ramparts, President Klaus maintained an enigmatic silence, but his footmen let it be known that he was in no mood to put pen to paper.

The rest of the EU has already ratified the Lisbon treaty, Tony Blair is waiting for the nod allowing him to move into a sumptuous residence in Brussels, but President Klaus is still playing poker with Europe.