Petition is likely to be delivered to the President´s office this Friday!

We are trying to arrange a meeting with the Office of the President of the Czech Republic. Most likely, the petition will be handed over on Friday. Please, keep on working, contact your friends and get as many signatures as you can.

We thank you for your support! Every signature counts!


Czech People: “He fights for us!”

According to the recent survey by agency “Median”, about 65% of Czech Citizens support their president in his resistance against the Lisbon Treaty.

The tactic of EU-elites tumbles down. They wanted to keep him isolated, alone and with no support, awaiting his resignation. However, this is obviously not going to happen, according to the huge amount of international support we all showed.

Mr. Klaus is being told to resign from his office, if he does not sign the treaty. Apparently, this is not the will of 74% of the Czech population.

Jiří Cerman, Prague

Read the article here (by Google Translator)

Website traffic increasing!

The traffic on the campaign website is increasing!

6th of October: 1184 unique visits
7th of October: 1125 unique visits
8th of October (at 22.14): 1364 unique visits