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Join us on Facebook!: Support Vaclav Klaus! Stop the Lisbon Treaty!

The Lisbon treaty is an undemocratic constitutional instrument that effectively renders every nation state in Europe into a province of the European Union

By accepting the treaty of Lisbon we collectively surrender the sovereignty and independence, that European nations have fought so hard to achieve.

When Ireland voted ‘No’ they were pressured to vote again, this time returning the ‘Yes’ result that the EU required. The only obstacle to the final ratification of the Lisbon treaty is one man; the Czech president, Vaclav Klaus.

So far he has demonstrated admirable courage and conviction in refusing to sign this treaty – but, following the Irish ‘Yes’ vote, he will be under increasing pressure to ratify it on behalf of the Czech people.

It is vital to lend Mr. Klaus our full support, and to make him aware that we are behind him and that we support his decision not to sign. If he holds out for a few months until the UK Conservative party gain power at the forthcoming general election there is every chance that the British people will insist upon their own referendum.

If this happens, the Lisbon treaty will almost certainly fail, due to the overwhelming opposition of the British electorate.

Therefore, we must encourage Vaclav Klaus in his steadfastness, make him aware that millions of Europeans do not want this treaty, – and that they have put their hope and trust into his ability to delay it until Britain is finally able to reject it.

Call his office, send letters and emails! Do it TODAY! There is no time to lose!

When he sees the amount of support that he has, it will be easier for him to resist the pressure put upon him to sign the treaty as soon as possible.

Send your EMAILS of support and encouragement to these addresses (or others you might find):

ladislav.jakl@hrad.cz  (political department)

Contact Information for Vaclav Klaus:

So, in summary:
1) Write to an email or letter
2) Send it to Vaclav’s office (ladislav.jakl@hrad.cz)
3) Join the Facebook group and tell us about your letter of support.
4) Sign the petition! http://www.petitiononline.com/sptklaus/petition.html
5) Invite your friends and network!

The plan is to spread this campaign all over Europe via blogs, newspapers and also through different political organisations in Europe, in an effort to create overwhelming support for Vaclav Klaus, and to encourage him not to sign the Lisbon treaty!
More information as events unfold:

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