Slovakian Prime Minister: “We want an opt-out too!”

The government of Slovak Republic has woken up! After the Czech President Klaus had opened the question of so-called “Beneš decrees”,  Rober Fico, the head of the Slovakian governmen reacted, he would demand the same opt-out, if Klaus was successful.

According to Czech Newspaper “Hospodářské Noviny” he said: “We have now only two options. Either we get the same warranties, or we will block the Czech opt-out.” President Klaus of Czech Republic previously announced, that he would no way sign the treaty without the warranties he demands.

After the World War II, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were established as a one united country, the Czechoslovakia. Although they separated 16 years ago, the “Beneš decrees” concern both the countries.

Jiří Cerman, Prague

The original article (by the Google Translator) read here.


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  1. ferchrisake! it’s Slovak republic, not “Slovakian”; or how does “Czechian” sound to you?

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