Czech People: “He fights for us!”

According to the recent survey by agency “Median”, about 65% of Czech Citizens support their president in his resistance against the Lisbon Treaty.

The tactic of EU-elites tumbles down. They wanted to keep him isolated, alone and with no support, awaiting his resignation. However, this is obviously not going to happen, according to the huge amount of international support we all showed.

Mr. Klaus is being told to resign from his office, if he does not sign the treaty. Apparently, this is not the will of 74% of the Czech population.

Jiří Cerman, Prague

Read the article here (by Google Translator)


4 Responses

  1. The German news magazine “Der Spiegel” reports in its online issue that Vaclav Klaus agreed to sign the treaty:,1518,655822,00.html

    Is this true? Does he also love his position more in the end than being faithful to his own views, his words and his people?

  2. Democracy Under Seige: Barroso Threatens Freedoms of Czech Republic and EU Members

    Mr Klaus is a patriot seeking what is best for his nation.

    Full article on or

  3. […] решение се ползва с подкрепата на 65 % от чехите – виж тук. Клаус е един от най-изявените критици на […]

  4. Full marks to Mr Klaus as Daniel Hannan has said the Last European.
    A real man of stature in a Europe of little men all working for the socialist super state

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