Major Czech newspaper mentions this campaign!

A Czech newspaper writes about this campaign in support of Vaclav Klaus:

The article is translated with Google Translate here:

Secretary of the Swedish right-wing Swedish Democrats Kent Ekeroth started a campaign to promote the Czech head of state. To this end, based on-line petition. “I když Irové v opakovaném referendu řekli smlouvě ano, stále existuje malá naděje, že by mohla být zastavena. Tou nadějí jste vy, Václav Klaus, český prezident,” píší Švédští demokraté. “Even though Irishmen in a repeated referendum said the contract so there is still little chance that it could be stopped. Tou hope you, Václav Klaus, Czech president,” writes Swedish Democrats. -Petition today has over twelve thousand signatures from all over Europe. At the same time was the foreign group that supports the Czech president on Facebook.

The original article, in Czech, can be found here.


2 Responses

  1. Sign one of these too,
    reject the Lisbon TREASON

    Petition written in 20 languages

    Petition written in 8 languages, from Holland -Heerlen

    Petition site for the German area (Germany)


  2. Hope this helps you in your campaign, I have also added a link to this site

    The post has links to all the petitions

    Tory Aardvark

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