“Czech President Vaclav Klaus ‘to continue’ lone resistance to Lisbon Treaty”

“Czech President Vaclav Klaus ‘to continue’ lone resistance to Lisbon Treaty”

President Klaus is the last obstacle to the completion of the treaty’s ratification and to the creation of a new EU President, foreign minister and European diplomatic service.

“I fear, and I am not the only person to fear, a deepening of EU integration,” he said during a visit to Moscow.

Mr Klaus, the EU’s only openly Eurosceptic head of state, has demanded new “opt-outs” from the Lisbon Treaty to prevent Germans expelled from the Czech Sudeten region after World War II from reclaiming their property.

“For me it is something of vital importance. In my opinion, the conditions that I have made for signing the agreement are serious,” he said.

The Czech Republic has been warned that it could lose its seat on the European Commission and face other unspecified “consequences” unless the country’s president abandons his solitary struggle against the EU.


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  1. Pane prezidente Klausi, drzim Vam palce a velmi si vazim toho, ze nepodlehate lacine euforii pro lisabonskou smlouvu. Uz tak cesky narod ztratil na svych tradicich a hrdosti a Vy jste snad posledni zachrana. Dekujeme Vam za Vas nadstandardne odpovedny pristup.

    Daniel Kasl s rodinou

  2. […] “Czech President Vaclav Klaus ‘to continue’ lone resistance to Lisbon Treaty” […]

  3. Rescue please czech democracy against Vaclav Klaus
    (translated from czech language)

    Good day,

    as a citizen of Czech Republic and among other things also elector of parliament of CR I protest against authoritative behaviour of Mr. Vaclav Klaus, which is not dignified of president of CR. This president exceeds his own competencies, ignores parliament and abuses of naive nationalism of part of czech citizens. That essentially endangers of czech democracy and directs it to authoritative regime. Please parliament and government, don’t retreat in face of him in that even a bit further!

    I strongly protest against a such undignified and despotic behaviour of Mr. Vaclav Klaus and I require that is plainted prosecution of jurisdiction at him, or the best, that is called off for disablement and lossing of goodwill. Thanks You

    addressed to government, parliament and senate of Czech Republic:
    posta@vlada.cz, vlcek@psp.cz, epodatelna@senat.cz

  4. Vysoce vazeny Pane Prezidente

    Tato smolouva jde proti svobode

    Nesmirne bychom se raduje kdyby se Vas rozhodny postoj v otazce budoucnosti EU a Vase zelezna duslednost v sireni nazoru staly vzorem pro plske politicke elity. Jiż dnes mużeme
    rici, że Vase stanovisko velice vyrazne posililo autoritu vasi zeme v polskych vlasteneckych kruzich a obecne upevnilo prizen knasim ceskym druhum.

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