We now have over 10 000 signatures for the petition to support Vaclav Klaus!



18 Responses

  1. The only way to avoid a federal Europe and President Blair is to support the President of the Czech Republic.
    The Pound will go and corruption increase.

  2. Dear Mr. President Vaclav Klaus:

    Please don’t give up; you have millions and millions around the world that are backing you.

    You are right and Europe is wrong. They are using all type os scare tactics to force you to sign the Lisbon Treaty. Please don’t give up.

  3. Vazeny pane presidente,
    prosim Vas jako svobodny obcan Ceske Republiky, nepodepisujte ve jmenu nasi rodiny Lisabonskou smlouvu!
    Nasi svobody si velice vazime!!!!
    Dekuji , s pozdravem Jitka Kanova, Brno, Ceska Republika

    • Panie Prezydencie, proszę nie podpisywać tego traktatu, to zguba dla mojej rodziny jak również zguba dla Polski

  4. Podporuji Václava Klause !

  5. Plně stojím za svým presidentem Václavem Klausem. Ne!!! Lisabonské smlouvě!!!!!!!!!

  6. The man is a Hero. We need people like him, pity he is not the British Prime Minister rather than the weak, wimp, yes-men we have in the Palace of Westminster.
    He is highly intelligent and well educated, again unlike our lot.

  7. Uz bezte DO PRDELE!!!!

  8. Vazeny pane presidente,
    dekujeme Vam za vas postoj k Lisabonske smlouve, prosime nepodepisujte.
    Nenechte se tim trpaslikem z Francie nejak zastrasit.

    Stojime pri Vas

    Dekujeme, s pozdravem David s rodinou NY (USA)

  9. …rozhodne stojim za panem Klausem,jsem rad,ze jako jeden z mala ceskych politiku,stoji pevne za zajmy ceskeho lidu a snazi se cesky narod povznest a je s politovanim,ze velka spousta cechu si tuto jeho vlastnost a snahu dosud neosvojila a neocenila,ba snazi se naopak nalezt do podruci cizim mocnostem,tak jako to bylo vetsinou v ceske historii,kdy snad jen diky nekolika ceskym vlastencum a obroditelum tento narod uz davno neupadnul v zanik…jsem pro evropskou unii,ale ne v rozsahu,ktery omezuje svobody a suverenity jednotlivych narodu,potlacuje nebo ma jen potencial,omezit samorozhodovani jednotlivych,hlavne mensich narodu….z toho duvodu jsem rozhodne proti podpisu Lisabonske smlouvy,ci jineho pamfletu obdobneho vyznamu…pane prezidente prosim nepodepisujte…Karel (Australie)

  10. Szanowny Panie Prezydencie
    Vaclavie Klaus

    Proszę nie podpisywać Traktatu Lizbońskiego bo zdławi nas ten totalitaryzm. Bruksela już teraz gardzi nami a jak otrzyma ten traktat to będzie horror.
    Życzę Panu odwagi i siły do przeciwstawienia się psom z Brukseli.


  12. Dear President,
    Just keep on, do not aloud the EU manipulation with the people right, we are behind you!

  13. The people against the superstate. Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

  14. Please Mr Klaus do not sign the petition. Millions all over the world admire your stand and pray that you will help stop this invasive power that is trying to take over the world.

  15. Rescue please czech democracy against Vaclav Klaus
    (translated from czech language)

    Good day,

    as a citizen of Czech Republic and among other things also elector of parliament of CR I protest against authoritative behaviour of Mr. Vaclav Klaus, which is not dignified of president of CR. This president exceeds his own competencies, ignores parliament and abuses of naive nationalism of part of czech citizens. That essentially endangers of czech democracy and directs it to authoritative regime. Please parliament and government, don’t retreat in face of him in that even a bit further!

    I strongly protest against a such undignified and despotic behaviour of Mr. Vaclav Klaus and I require that is plainted prosecution of jurisdiction at him, or the best, that is called off for disablement and lossing of goodwill. Thanks You

    addressed to government, parliament and senate of Czech Republic:
    posta@vlada.cz, vlcek@psp.cz, epodatelna@senat.cz

  16. Isn’t it ironic that after 69 years it is again the Czech’s that are trying to save the British people from a corrupt German lead undemocratic dictatorship. Europe never has been, isn’t now and never will be for the GOOD of the people. It always has been and will always be a JOB for the boys. A great big fat taxpayer funded gravy train. It is a unstoppable monolithic bureaucratic monster run by unelected career political thugs that know how to subjugate the people with lies and misinformation destroying national sovereignty, liberty and the right to self-determination. It knows not what democracy means. I does not understand the word NO. I will force a freedom destroying constitution on the people of Europe. EVERY country that has been allowed a vote has said NO. 480m people were denied that vote because the EU mafia scum know we would all vote NO.

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