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“Czech Republic government caves in to eurosceptic president”

EU Lisbon Treaty: Czech Republic government caves in to eurosceptic president

 The crisis over the EU Lisbon Treaty has deepened after the Czech Republic’s government backed down in a battle with President Vaclav Klaus over his refusal to sign the text.

Jan Fischer, the caretaker prime minister, announced a climb-down after an emergency cabinet meeting in Prague, saying he would negotiate President Vaclav Klaus’s call for a new Lisbon Treaty “opt-out” when he met other European Union leaders later this month.

Mr Fischer, who has been summoned to Brussels on Tuesday to explain the Czech position, was forced to admit that he was unsure whether Mr Klaus would sign the EU Treaty, even if his demand was met.

 “The government would like to have clear and sound guarantees from the side of the head of state that this is actually the last step from his side and no other additional conditions will be added,” he said.

The preferred EU option is to offer the Czech Republic “legal guarantees” such as those that were given to Ireland, before the country held its second, successful referendum on the treaty earlier this month.

This route would prevent any need to re-ratify in all 27 EU member states and would allow the Lisbon Treaty to enter into force next year.

But Ladislav Jakl, Mr Klaus’s spokesman, has ruled out this method “as an absolutely impossible way forward”.

“The guarantees given to Ireland are not guarantees. They were a political declaration in a style such that the Irish wolf filled its stomach and the Lisbon goat remained whole,” he told the Lidové Noviny newspaper.

Any demand from the Mr Klaus for reopening of the Lisbon Treaty text to insert an “opt-out” would be refused by the other EU countries.

4 Responses

  1. I am afraid this Lisbon Treaty is a train which has left in the wrong direction and cannot be stopped anymore.Now the EU-supporters in Bruxelles have told us, that the signature of Mr.Klaus is not necessary anyway.So whoever does not like this dictatorship of the EU must leave. For Austria its better,because we pay far more to Bruxelles (56o Million Euros net every year)than we get back begging for it on our knees.Maria Klingler

    • Break this EU establishmant as soon as posible. Raise up everyone until you can ..there is no much time left !!!
      I warn you ….freedom is more than temporary benefits!

      • Spoken like a true scholar, Adam.

        Speaking to the ‘Pennsylvania Assembly, on the 11th day of November in the year 1755, a brilliant man named Benjamin Franklin was quoted to have said:

        ‘Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.’

        Some things just never change. The statement is as true today as it was over two centuries ago.

        Maria is most likely correct. I’m an American, how could I possibly know that? The answer is simple, we let our train leave the station for the same reasons you’ve been encouraged to let yours leave.

        A common misconception most Europeans have about the USA is that it is one country. It is not, or should I say was never intended to be such. Each state is, technically still a country, little good that does, Washington, DC, was promised to be what you have been led to believe Brussels will be. It wasn’t, and yours will not be either.

        Just like Austria some states have it a little better than others, California and New York get to make many personal decisions for the rest of the USA, the rest of us are taxed and have no say at all, not even in personal matters.

        I’m aware most Europeans consider themselves ahead of Americans, I won’t argue what can not be argued. However, you would be well served to investigate American history, you’ll see we already made these mistakes, they could’ve been avoided.

        Now that you are locked in, think you’re going to be able to leave later? Very doubtful, it was clearly written into the US Constitution that any state (country) wishing to leave the union had the right to do so. The day came, some states had enough, tried to leave the union. They were told they had no privilege to leave the union even though they were clearly promised that right. The citizens of these former countries were in near 100% consensus in favor of succession. The Civil War, an incredibly bloody war by any standard was fought to prevent their separation.

        Maria is very likely right, your train has left the station in the wrong direction, and can’t be stopped. Hitler and Stalin eventually lost, but their preferred flavor in the end prevails and by any name tastes the same,

        Once freedom is lost does the taker’s title for themselves really matter in the end?

        Vaclav Klause has displayed a great deal of insight, foresight, a first hand knowledge of history, and courage in the face of overwhelming odds against him. It would be my sincere hope Europeans of all nationalities follow his example.

        Bolje grob nego rob.

  2. Rescue please czech democracy against Vaclav Klaus
    (translated from czech language)

    Good day,

    as a citizen of Czech Republic and among other things also elector of parliament of CR I protest against authoritative behaviour of Mr. Vaclav Klaus, which is not dignified of president of CR. This president exceeds his own competencies, ignores parliament and abuses of naive nationalism of part of czech citizens. That essentially endangers of czech democracy and directs it to authoritative regime. Please parliament and government, don’t retreat in face of him in that even a bit further!

    I strongly protest against a such undignified and despotic behaviour of Mr. Vaclav Klaus and I require that is plainted prosecution of jurisdiction at him, or the best, that is called off for disablement and lossing of goodwill. Thanks You

    addressed to government, parliament and senate of Czech Republic:
    posta@vlada.cz, vlcek@psp.cz, epodatelna@senat.cz

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