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Ladislav Jakl on TV: “very unlikely that Vaclav Klaus will ratify the Lisbon Treaty”

A friend in the Czech Republic wrote to be the following:
Ladislav Jakl for ČT (Czech public TV):

It is very unlikely that Vaclav Klaus will ratify the Lisbon Treaty under actual conditions.

4 Responses

  1. Keep up the good work President Klaus. Many millions are counting on you.
    The Lisbon Treaty must be destroyed.

  2. Rescue please czech democracy against Vaclav Klaus
    (translated from czech language)

    Good day,

    as a citizen of Czech Republic and among other things also elector of parliament of CR I protest against authoritative behaviour of Mr. Vaclav Klaus, which is not dignified of president of CR. This president exceeds his own competencies, ignores parliament and abuses of naive nationalism of part of czech citizens. That essentially endangers of czech democracy and directs it to authoritative regime. Please parliament and government, don’t retreat in face of him in that even a bit further!

    I strongly protest against a such undignified and despotic behaviour of Mr. Vaclav Klaus and I require that is plainted prosecution of jurisdiction at him, or the best, that is called off for disablement and lossing of goodwill. Thanks You

    addressed to government, parliament and senate of Czech Republic:
    posta@vlada.cz, vlcek@psp.cz, epodatelna@senat.cz

  3. Please do not allow yourself to be bullied and give in. Millions all over Europe are counting on you to save them from this dreadful fate.

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