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“Mr. Klaus is going to withstand as long as possible”

Jiří Cerman a member in the campaign group to support Vaclav Klaus wrote the following:

Today, i have spoken to the “Deputy Head of the Office of the President of the Czech Republic for Communication and Culture” Petr Hájek!!

Mr. Klaus is going to withstand as log as possible. However, this is going to be a great battle “of constitution”. According to the Czech Constitution, the president is bound to sign the treaty as it is approved by the parliament. However, there is no bloody word about the TIME he must sign it. Petr Hájek – as a member of the Office of the president – will advice not to sign the treaty. I told him about this international resistance against the Treaty. He has shaken my hand and promised to do his best. However, this is responsibility of One Man. The Last Man Standing. Now he knows, he is not alone.

I hope that the EUROcrats won´t find a legal way to force him. I would be the Death of Democracy in Europe. A few years earlier I could not imagine that a president of a free country of Europe could be threatened and forced to sign a treaty. This reminds me of sixty or seventy years earlier.


PS. However, Hájek just promised to inform Mr. Klaus about the international support. We don´t yet know the final decision. This decision will not be taken until the attitude of The Czech Constitutional Court will be known. This is the second time The Court will be dealing with the treaty, however this complaint is more complex. Some members of the parliament of the CZ posted this protest, so Mr. Klaus has political allies:-)

Video from demonstration in Prague to support Vaclav Klaus:

One Response

  1. Dear friend,

    Please, tell the president of Czech Republic, he is of course not alone,
    tell him, as often as necessary.

    Tell him, that much more people are looking at him with hope, than he is thinking.
    And part of those are doing their best to give him assistance.

    A friend of democracy, humanity and peace in Europe

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