MARIAN L. TUPY: “Klaus Won’t Sign the Lisbon Treaty”

An analysis from Marian L. Tupy who does not believe that Vaclav Klaus will sign the treaty. Hope she is right, Klaus Won’t Sign the Lisbon Treaty:

The Irish may have said Yes to the Lisbon Treaty, but the bureaucrats in Brussels have not yet won. If anything, the shameful browbeating of the Irish electorate into reversing its previous rejection of the Treaty will steel the resolve of those who oppose additional centralization of power in Brussels. Czech President Vaclav Klaus has so far refused to sign off on the Treaty that the Czech parliament has already adopted. The president is officially waiting for a decision from the highest Czech court on the treaty’s constitutionality. The opponents of thet reaty in the Czech parliament hope to prolong the legal challenges until the British have had a chance to vote it down in a referendum that the Conservatives, who are set to win the next election, promised to hold midway through 2010.

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3 Responses

  1. vaclav klaus: Is he the emperor of Europe or what? That´s a pain in the a** what i´m reading here…
    One man wants to know what is good for everybody? Respect the European democracy (including what is left over in czech republic) and send this nationalistic dictator to an island in the pacific!! Then he can explain there, that clima change is just an illusion instead of trusting his own eyes!!!

    • So he is emperor because he does not bend to your wishes?

      Spoken like a true useful idiot. While Lenin most likely would have held you in the lowest regard he would have made good use of you.

      Can anyone really wonder why so many millions have fled Europe, given the love so many have for placing themselves helplessly under totalitarian rule.

      I feel great sympathy for those few scattered amongst the various countries who still are human enough to desire freedom over empty promises of security. As for the rest, let them suffer until they rot.

      The USA will not be there to sacrifice countless lives for your liberties again. The filthy disease of your Marxism has now infected this nation too.

      The big difference is we absolutely refuse to give up our arms, I know how badly Europeans, you Emperors of the World hate that fact. As much as they’d love to the government will never enslave us to te degree you demand yourselves suffer.

      Great respects to Vaclav Klaus, until he backs down, or is set aside, I will continue to send the Czech my money on a regular basis, just as I have done for years. They are an impressive people who have suffered enough injustice.

      As for the rest of you: Enoy your rewards! See you! Wouldn’t want to be you!

  2. Vaclav Klaus wants his State to be exempt from the Charter of Fundamental Rights that is part of the “Lisbon” amendment to the EU’s basic law. More serious than his exploiting of the leverage he has in representing the only State that has not ratified the amendment, he is imposing his erroneous ideological view of the EU. According to Deutsche Welle, “A staunch euroskeptic, he opposes the treaty as a matter of principle, believing it yields too much sovereignty to the international bloc.” This, in short, is what is really going on here. (see:

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