Petition in support of Vaclav Klaus!

Sign the petition!:

Support Vaclav Klaus! Stop the Lisbon treaty!


8 Responses

  1. The Super-Nanny State is simply Totalitarianism with a smarmy granny’s face.

    But the end result is de facto serfdom.

    Stop this outrageous over-reaching Treaty!

  2. STOP KLAUS und andere Halunken!

  3. no LS

  4. I fully support Vaclav Klaus! Stop the Lisbon treaty of the EU!

  5. Mr. Klaus, STOP the Lisbon treaty!

  6. Please Mr. Klaus,
    Stop the Lisbon treaty!

    AUch die Mehrheit der Österreicher wären Ihnen dankbar!

  7. i support vaclav KLAUS stop tht shitty treaty

  8. Vaclav Klaus is no smarmy vunderkid -hes been around a goodly while and seen in his own lifetime what state control i.e Nazi’ism,Communism can do when left unchallenged. When the E.U has quelled all dissent and subjucated each and every one of us one must asks the question “Will it stop there?” America wanted a United States of Europe in the hopes that it would stop them becoming involved in any more wars and allow trade with a likeminded united Europe but Europe isnt the U.S.A and in fact what we have here is an unelected body of people who are only interested in power for powers sake. Its an old old story and the history books are full of such tales from time immemorial so I fully support Vaclav Klaus and consider the Czech people lucky to have him in their midst – I just truly hope that he continues to stand up to Barroso, Sarkozy,Merkel etc etc .

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